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Oil Care And Intimacy 100ml

sitre's care & intimacy oil is a 100 ml blend made from all-natural ingredients including organic argan, organic coconut and organic apricot kernel. the nurturing combination makes it perfect for both massage, care and pleasure.

our oil is made for every type of intimacy; the soft texture and powerful ingredients make it ideal for massage and daily care of intimate areas, just as it safely can be used as a lube. we love that it makes it easy to transform a moment of care into pleasure. 

the oil is soft as velvet but the ingredients are not only moisturising - they’re also anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing. this is ideal when using the oil in intimate areas to protect and nurture. and it is, of course, allergy-friendly and without any type of toxic ingredients which is so essential when using in intimate areas.

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Oil Care And Intimacy 100ml
Oil Care And Intimacy 100ml Angebot50,00 €