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Pleasure Boost Oil 100ml

sitre's pleasure boost oil is a 100 ml all-natural blend made with 1% CBD to stimulate blood flow. the reason is simple: increased sensitivity and relaxed muscles - the perfect combination to enhance sensation.

this oil goes beyond caring for your intimacy; its powerful ingredients enhance pleasure. it’s not magic - it’s the completely safe CBD which helps to stimulate while simultaneously triggering the muscles to relax. the combination makes it easier to achieve bigger, better and more orgasms. full disclaimer: we started with 0.5% CBD, and our testers felt some difference but not enough. upping it to 1% made a (big) big difference.

the soft oil is the same blend as our care & intimacy oil - except for the addition of the CBD - and full of nurturing and organic ingredients, making it allergy-friendly, without toxics and safe to use as lube.

tip: apply a bit before intimacy to make the effect extra powerful.

reminder: every body is different and we can't know which effect you'll feel. but we have had a lot of very good feedback - from all genders.

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Pleasure Boost Oil 100ml
Pleasure Boost Oil 100ml Angebot57,00 €