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Silicone Gel Long Lasting Lube 50ml

sitre’s silicone gel is a 50 ml lube made with silicone, oils and vitamin e to create a long-lasting moisturising effect for both pleasure and nurture.

our allergy-friendly and nontoxic silicone gel is made with a high concentration of silicone and natural oils to create a smooth lube that doesn’t get absorbed by the skin, unlike water-based. this is ideal for long-lasting pleasure as the moisturising gel stays on the skin for extra ease and no friction… without having to be reapplied. we’ve added the antioxidant vitamin e for a nurturing and healing effect to make sure unwelcome discomfort stays far away.

the gel is completely safe to use with condoms and perfect to use for behind, as the body doesn’t naturally create any moisture in this area.

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Silicone Gel Long Lasting Lube 50ml
Silicone Gel Long Lasting Lube 50ml Sale price16,00 €